BPSC Posts Preference & Salary

BPSC Posts Preference & Salary: Lakhs of aspirants apply for the BPSC civil services exam each year, therefore it is crucial to discuss the salary & job profile of all posts. BPSC provides a very lucrative career opportunity and the powers and perks associated with this job along with the opportunity to work for the nation inspire the young generation to take this exam.

BPSC conduct combined competitive examination in three stages. These stages are Pre, Mains and Interview. All Pre Examination qualified candidates are called to appear in Mains exam and all Mains exam qualified candidates are called for Interview. Final merit list of this examination is decided on the basis of marks obtained by a candidate in Mains exam and in interview. 

Before you go for interview, you will have to submit BPSC post preference as per your interest and understanding in a particular format provided by BPSC. Many a times students make mistakes in this because of unavailability of right information. Sometimes even with a very good Under 100, people get Level-7 jobs and those who gave right prefrence with less rank get higher level post. I'm not making this up, this has already happened in my close contact.

It is reiterate to mention that allotment of a particular post depends on your BPSC post preference and merit list serial number. Please note that the post preference provided by you to the BPSC at the time of interview can not be changed. Hence due care is to taken into account while exercising BPSC Post preference option.

BPSC Posts Preference & Salary

List of BPSC Posts

BPSC announces the BPSC posts for the following posts. All the posts in BPSC are gazetted and distinguished posts.



Home Department (Reserve Branch)

Deputy Superintendent of Police  (पुलिस उपाधीक्षक)

Home Department (Special branch)

District President

Home Department

Prisoner, Prison and Correctional Services Inspectorate

Commerce-Tax Department

Assistant Commissioner of State-Taxes

Election Department

Electoral Officer (निर्वाचन विभाग अधिकारी)

Labor Resources Department

Planning Officer / District Planning Officer (Gazetted)

Sugarcane Industries Department


Home Department

Bihar Probation Service (Probation Officer)

Transport Department

Additional District Transport Officer

City Development and Housing Department

Municipal Executive Officer 

Consumer Protection Department

Food and Supply Inspector

(खाद्य और उपभोक्ता निरीक्षक)

Labor Resources Department

Labour enforcement officer (Non-gazetted)

(श्रम प्रवर्तन अधिकारी)

Revenue and Land Reforms Department

Revenue Officer (राजस्व अधिकारी)

Panchayati Raj Department

Block Panchayat Raj Officer (Bihar Panchayat Service)

(ब्लॉक पंचायत अधिकारी)

Minority Welfare Department

Minority Welfare Officer  (अनुसूचित जाति /अनुसूचित जनजाति कल्याण विभाग)


BPSC conduct exam for various administrative post. The topmost post offered by BPSC are Bihar Administrative Service, Bihar Police Service and Bihar Finance Service. Apart from these three posts, some other posts are also offered by BPSC. Most of the aspirants are very keen to know job profile of various posts. Let's see one by one various posts offered by BPSC along with brief job profile of each post.


BAS is premier and topmost service of the state administration. This service is first choice among BPSC aspirants due power and social prestige. Under this post candidates are appointed as Senior Deputy Collector in the state. BAS officers can also be promoted to IAS cadre based on their on job performance and departmental examination. 

Compared to Bihar Police Services (BPS), BAS is Less challenging. So if you are more Interested in official work and in peaceful family life, then BAS should be your first bpsc job preference.


Under this post Candidates are appointed as Deputy Superintendent of Police (Dy SP) in state police. Maintenance of law and order is foremost responsibility of BPS officer. The job profile of BPS officers are full of power, glamour and respect. This service is highly attractive among youth due to glamour of uniform and stars (🌟🌟🌟).

BPSC cader officers can be promoted to IPS cader based on their job performance. The chances of being promoted to the IPS cader for BPS officer is more than the chances of being promoted to IAS cader by BAS officers. If a candidate join BPS in early age i.e in his 25, then he can be easily promoted  up to the rank of Inspector General of police (IG). If you are ready to accept challenges in your life, then choose this service as your first preference. You should be physically fit and mentally agile to perform well in Police services.


This is also a premiere service and third most favourite among candidates after BAS and BPS. BFS is very peaceful services and attractive for those candidates who want to be posted in urban area throughout service career. They are mainly employed to collect indirect taxes of State Government. With implementation of GST the role of BFS officers have significantly gone down. Still BFS officers play an important role in economic activities of the state.


Because of the job profile, this post is very popular among women candidates. Registration of sale and purchase of land  in respect of public and private land is looked after by sub registrars.


This is a district level service and again very popular among women candidates. Candidates employed as minority welfare officer can have more time for personal life because of less busy job profile. This is a new service created by Govt of Bihar for better Implementation, execution and co-ordination of minority welfare schemes.


District Commandant (Home Guard) is a Dist level service and is responsible to control, command, and co-ordinate home guard personnel employed in district. This service is somewhat similar but less complex than Bihar Police Services (BPS). If u want to wear uniform and still don't want to take much risk in job then you can choose this service.


This is a new service cader created in 2010. After completion of training, Rural Development Officers are employed as Block Development Officer (BDO) in Block. BDO is highest ranking block level officer. RDO have better career opportunity prospect in future due to newly created cader. They are directly connected to common people on ground level making this service highly respected.


Bihar Education Service is also a new service cader created in 2014. If you are interested in education reforms at ground level, then this service is best for you. Educational administration, Educational Research, Educational Training, Mid day meal etc are under control of Bihar Education Services officials. 


This is a urban centric service and candidates selected in MEO cader are employed in Municipal corporation and Municipality. These officers are responsible for the development  of infrastructure and Implementation of public welfare schemes in urban area. 


This service is associated with the jailed Prisioners in the state. They prepare plan for betterment and development of Prisioners condition in jail.


It is evident from the name itself about the nature of this service. These officer are Associated with development, Production, marketing and transportation of sugarcane. If you are interested in agriculture, then you can go for this service.


This is a district level service and officers employed in this services are responsible for auditing and inspection for various state government accounts.


Jail superintendents are employed in state government controlled jail and maintain the administration of jail. 


This is a new service cadre associated with land revenue administration. Revenue officers are posted at Block level as circle officers.  Land dispute, Land acquisition, Land revenue etc comes under their jurisdiction.


Excise inspectors are primarily responsible for storage, transportation, processing, production and distribution of liqour in the state. You all might be aware that liqour is banned in Bihar. Nowadays excise inspectors play vital role to check illegal availability of Liquor in the state.


Employment offices work at District level and these offices are controlled by District  Employment Officer. These officers are responsible to organize job fair in collaboration with private companies to offer jobs to unemployed youths in the Dist.


This is a Dist level service based on Labour welfare. These officers are responsible for betterment of organized and unorganized sector labours working under their jurisdiction. They also plan and execute many welfare measures for Social security of labours.


This is a sub division level post and candidates employed in these services perform work related to election of Loksabha, Vidhansabha etc.


I tried to brief all of you, almost about 18 service cader which are filled by BPSC Combined Competitive Examination. Number of vacancies in each post depends on requirement of concerned government departments. Sometimes nil vacancies are published in respect of some posts as mentioned in Para 3 above.


  1. Bihar Police Service
  2. Bihar Administrative Services
  3. Bihar Finance Service
  4. Sub Registrar
  5. Dist Commandant (Home Guard)
  6. Bihar Education Services
  7. Dist Minority Welfare Officer
  8. Municipal Executive Officer
  9. Rural Development Officer
  10. Revenue Officer
  11. Jail superintendent
  12. Labour Superintendent
  13. Dist Employment Officer
  14. Excise Inspector
  15. District Audit Officer
  16. Sub Election Officer
  17. Bihar Probation Service
  18. Sugarcane Officer
BPSC Salary Structure

The salary of BPSC officers has become almost equal to their private counterparts. The constitution provided immense power to the BPSC officers so as to bring a great transformation into the lives of the people. As they are entitled to numerous powers and facilities due to their position at the peak of the pyramid of bureaucracy. 

The in hand salary of a BPSC Officer on a monthly includes Basic Pay + DA (Dearness Allowances) + TA (Transport Allowances) + HRA (House Rent Allowance)

BPSC Officer Salary 2022

The basic monthly salary of a BPSC officer includes TA, DA and HRA and can reach the monthly salary of Rs.2,00,000 for a Secretary.

Post Name


Grade Pay

Deputy Collector


Deputy Superintendent of Police



District Commandant



Bihar Education Service



Assistant Commissioner of State-Taxes



Electoral Officer



Planning Officer / District Planning Officer (Gazetted)



Junior Registrar


Food and Supply Inspector



Labour enforcement officer (Non-gazetted)



Revenue Officer



Block Panchayat Raj Officer (Bihar Panchayat Service)



BPSC Perks & Allowances

A BPSC officer’s powers and facilities are unmatched to any other profession. Given below is a list of facilities enjoyed by a BPSC officer. 
The power and perks enjoyed by a BPSC officer are unparalleled but with these powers, the BPSC officers also work under the burden of immense responsibilities. 
  • They usually have to take the charge of administration for an entire district, state, department or ministry. 
  • They can bring about positive changes and can influence policymaking on various social issues like health, education, and several economic issues. 
  • This power to serve the people and the country is unmatched by any other profession. 
  • Thus the power, facilities, perks and prestige that comes with being a BPSC officer make it a worthwhile profession to strive for.
Security: Due to the challenging nature of the job a BPSC officer usually provided with the security guard for himself and in certain cases of life threats, they are also given security forces.

Transport: Various post of BPSC allotted vehicle for official purposes.

Subsidized Bills: BPSC Officers generally get highly subsidized electricity, water, gas and phone connections

Trips: BPSC officers also enjoy subsidized accommodation in Government guest houses also when visiting other states and can use respective state Bhavan

Job security: BPSC officers enjoy great job security as it is not easy to fire an officer and the process requires extensive inquiry and investigation

Post-retirement benefits: BPSC officers can also be appointed to different commissions. Many officers are also sought-after by private consulting companies for their invaluable experience in the administration. They also enjoy lifetime pension and other retirement benefits

BPSC Promotion and Career Growth

Being a BPSC officer means to be to understand the socio-economic problems of the people and come up with schemes to make their lives better. With power, comes great responsibility, hence, the promotions of the BPSC Officer is done on the basis of years they have rendered into the service and the work they have performed.

BPSC Post Preference & Salary Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should be the Ideal Post Preference in BPSC CCE Exam?
Ans. Ideally you should choose higher Level first, for say Level - 9 (BAS, BPS) based on your Interest and similarly move below to lower level but major confusion happen in Level-8 or Level-7 where multiple posts are there at similar level. Few details have been provided above based on that take an informed decision. For example, a person with experience in teaching can choose Bihar Education Service after BAS, BPS and so on, so note down the post according to vacancy, write positive and negative of each post and according match it with your interest and choose. Just don't make mistake, as the cadre and department will be same for lifetime. 

Q. What is the BPSC salary?
Ans. BPSC Salary is in the grade pay of Rs. 4200 in Level 7 pay scale. This is the minimum salary for BPSC officers while the maximum salary is in Level 9 Grade Pay of Rs. 5400. In addition to receiving a lucrative salary, the candidates are also given additional perks and benefits.

Q. Which is the highest post in BPSC?
Ans. SDM and DSP are the highest rank posts in BPSC. They both provide you with the opportunity to work directly with the public and make an impact in society. Apart from this the perks and powers of these posts attract the candidates as well.

Q. What is BPSC in hand salary?
Ans. BPSC in hand salary varies for the posts of SDM, Range Officer, Excise Inspector, etc. However, the BPSC salary shall be in the range of Rs. 60,000 to 80,000 depending upon the post.

Q. What are the posts in BPSC?
Ans. All the BPSC officers are appointed as gazetted officers who have a lucrative career option. BPSC releases the post wise vacancies along with the notification as per the availability in the Commission. The posts in BPSC include District Commandant, SDO, Deputy Commissioner, Assistant Planning Officer/Assistant Director, State Tax Assistant Commissioner, and other distinguished posts.

Q. Is BPSC a good career option?
Ans. BPSC is a great career option for the candidates who wish to work towards the betterment of the social and economic culture of the state. It provides the BPSC officers to develop the rural or underdeveloped areas of the state, thereby, contributing to the betterment of the state and country.

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