66th BPSC Prelim Exam Question Paper PDF and Topic Wise Analysis

Download Previous Years' BPSC Question Papers along with their Answer Keys. Free Download 66th BPSC Prelims Exam Question Paper PDF along with Topic Wise exam analysis and section wise Questions

Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) is the organization responsible for conducting the recruitment process of State Service Officers through Competitive Examinations (BPSC Exams) and interviews to the services of various departments of the Government of Bihar. BPSC recruits officers for the State Civil Service through the BPSC Common Combined Competitive Examination.

66th BPSC Prelim Exam Question Paper PDF and Topic Wise Analysis

BPSC Syllabus and Exam Pattern 2021

Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) is one of the most reputed State Level Civil Services Exam conducted for recruitment to multiple posts such as Sub Divisional Officer, Rural Development Officer, District Sanapark Officer and other PCS level Officers etc. The BPSC Syllabus is set by the Bihar Public Service Commission. BPSC Prelims and Mains Syllabus is set by the Bihar Public Service Commission. The commission is constitutionally incorporated to assist the Bihar State Government in matters of recruitment, transfer, and disciplinary matters, of public service in the state. Let have a look at the BPSC Syllabus for upcoming exams.

BPSC Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Like the other State Service Commission and UPSC, BPSC also conduct the Combined Competitive BPSC Exam in three stages. Candidates can check the stages below.

  1. Prelims: One objective type paper for 150 marks.
  2. Mains: Four Papers
  3. Interview: 120 marks

Stage of BPSC ExamType of ExamModeTotal MarksDuration
PrelimsObjectiveOffline1502 Hours

One qualifying paper (Hindi)

900 ( 3 Papers of 300 marks each)

3 Hours for each Paper
Personal InterviewPhysically PresentOffline120Not Defined

Candidates have to clear each stage in order to be eligible for the next stage, if candidates clear the prelims, they can give the mains, clearing which they would be summoned for the final stage i.e., interview of the BPSC Exam.

BPSC Prelims Exam Pattern

The Prelims is the qualifying in nature, it is basically used to screen out the non serious candidates. Those who qualify the Prelims exam are called for BPSC Mains. The marks in Prelims will not be taken into consideration for the final merit list.

Before going to the syllabus of BPSC Prelims Exam candidates must check BPSC Prelims Exam Pattern in the table below.

BPSC Prelims Exam Pattern
Name of ExamCombined Competitive Exam
Conducting BodyBihar Public Service Commission ( BPSC )
No of Papers1 – General Studies (150 marks)
Duration2 hours
BPSC Syllabus
  1. General Science
  2. Events of national and international importance
  3. History of Bihar and Indian History
  4. Geography(mainly Geography of Bihar)
  5. Indian Polity and Economy
  6. Changes in the economy of Bihar post-independence
  7. Indian National Movement and the Role of Bihar
  8. General Mental Ability.
BPSC 66th Prelim Exam Section Wise Questions

Modern History
• Dual System of governance of Bengal was enforced by?
• Who among the following participated in the Parliament of Religions held in Chicago in 1893?
• Who established Swaraj Party in 1923?
• Who wrote Neel Darpan?
• The Battle of Wandiwash was fought by the British against?
• Kol Mutiny took place in which area?
• For how many days did Dandi March last?

Medieval History
• Pietra Dura is related to which of the following?
• Which Mughal Emperor established karkhanas for paintings?

Ancient History
• Which was the first capital of mahajanpada Magadh?

• The largest Island of Japan in terms of area is?
• Greenland is part of which of the following countries?
• Which country has recorded the highest annual gold output in 2019?
• Which of the following Continents has the highest number of countries?
• Which of the following coffee-growing areas is not in Karnataka?
• Which of the following districts of India is the largest in terms of a geographical area?

• Which of the following Articles is related to the establishment of ECI?
• Who is the head of NCW?
• What is meant by the rule of law?
• Which Article gives the list of 29 functions to be performed by the Panchayati Raj Institutions?
• When was the Citizenship (Amendment) Act passed?

• Which of the following is not an objective of food management in India?
• Revenue deficit?
• which country is India's top trading partner in 2019-20?
• which of the following is related to Bharatmala project?
• Ease of doing business report
• PM-KUSUM scheme

General Science
• The radiations used in the treatment of muscle ache are?
• on heating the resistance of semiconductor?
• Light Year is a unit of?
• Which of the following does not change when light travels from one medium to another?
• The velocity of Electromagnetic waves is?
• The highest viscosity among the following is of?
• Milk is a poor source of?
• Limewater is turned milky by?

Current Affairs (National + International)
• who has been appointed by BCCI as the head of ALl India women's selection committee?
• Who has won the Women's singles US Open Tennis tournament,2020?
• Which cricketer along with M.S. Dhoni announced retirement from international cricket on 15th August 2020?
• Who has been appointed as the chairperson of the national school of drama recently?
• Who has been selected for the Nobel Peace prize, 2020?
• How many Indian beaches have been selected for the blue flag certification?
• Which Arab State has started the first Nuclear Power Plant?

Bihar History
• Who spearheaded the 1857 revolt in Bihar?
• Swami Shahjanand was related to?
• Which of the following was the Gandhiji's first Satyagrah Movement?
• Who drew Gandhiji's attention towards Indigo Peasants in Champaran?
• Which company established its factory in 1632 at Patna?
• Where was the first Congress session in Bihar held?

Bihar Geography
• Which of the following rivers flowing in Bihar is a north-flowing river?
• Piedmont Swamp Soil is found only in which of the following districts of Bihar?
• In which of the following pairs of Administrative Divisions of Bihar Ganga river does not flow?
• Which of the following pairs of tribe and district is not correctly matched?

Bihar Economy
• Seven resolves of the Bihar government?
• The per capita Net State Domestic Product at constant prices for Bihar?
• Industry and location in Bihar

Bihar Polity
• When was Bihar established?
• Who was the first CM of Bihar?
• Ram vilas paswan started his political journey from which party?

Bihar Current Affairs
• Satat Jivikoparjan Yojna of Bihar
• Krishi Karman Award to Bihar
• When did ECI issue a Press note for the general election of Bihar?
• "Ghar tak Fibre" scheme

66th BPSC Prelim Questions 

SET B Question Paper:-

Section -> Qn.no.

Bihar ( 1,2,3,14,15,86,87,88,89,104,105,126, 108,107,122,123,124,106,118, 125,138,137,150,149,136)
Maths: (16-25)

Geography: (113,114,115,109,110,121,116, 117,119)

Polity: (128,130,127,132,133,135)

Polity(current affairs): (129,131,134)

Economy: (141,142,144,145,146,147,139, 143,148,140)

Science: (32,35,36,37,38,40,26,31,33,39,42,43,48,46,45,44,49,50,34,47,27,28,30,41,51,52,54,55,29,53)

History: (92,90,91,93,94,97,95,96,5,6,7,9,13,99,100,101,103,4,10,11,12,98,102,8)

Geography (current affairs): (120)

Current Affairs: (69,70,58,63,64,66,65,80,78,79, 84,56,57,59,60,61,67,68,71,72,75,77, 82,85,62,73,74,76,81,83,112,111)

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